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Parenting - Give Your Child The Tools To Build Strong Character And Values

By Jennifer Houck

There are many parenting styles. Yours may be very different from your own parents, your siblings, or your neighbors. There is no right or wrong parenting style. If you are teaching your children basic values and good citizenship, you have already won half the battle. There are some basic character traits that are necessary for children to develop into good citizens and role models. Instilling these values in your children will provide them with a strong foundation on which they can base their lives and build their futures.

Trustworthiness is among the most important lessons you can teach your children. Children that are taught to be honest and reliable will not only grow up to be successful adults, they will also become courageous, learn to do the honorable thing even if it is not the easiest way, and will build a good reputation that will follow them through the rest of their lives. Children should also be taught fairness. Taking turns, playing by the rules, learning to listen to others and their opinions with an open mind, and learning to not cast blame will put your child on the path to responsible adulthood and teach the value of friendship. Learning to respect others includes tolerance, judiciousness, and solving problems peacefully.

Teach your children to be compassionate and caring towards others. Gratefulness, forgiveness, and helpfulness will follow your child into adulthood and give them strong leadership skills. Children should learn to be dependable, learn to do their best at whatever challenges are place din their path, and learn to take responsibility for their actions. Respect for authority and a concern for the world in which they live will give your children the skills they require to become successful adults and leaders in their community. No matter what your parenting style, these basic lessons will give your children a sense of values, belonging, and a strong character.

About the Author: Head on over to the ever growing Online Resource Guide for Mothers at http://www.ilovebeingamom.com today!

Source: www.isnare.com