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Preschool Corner
Nourish the mind of your preschoolers with creative learning activities
                                                   and the tools to build a solid foundation for learning.
Learn The Alphabet Song
Teach your toddler the letters of the alphabet and the alphabet song with this fun and colorful Fisher-Price presentation. 
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Colors & Shapes
Help your child learn about both colors and shapes with this fun Fisher-Price presentation.
Alphabet Action
Help teach your preschooler the upper & lowercase alphabets with this fun online presentation from the Learning Planet.
A Counting Game
Here is another fun counting game also found on the Learning Planet. 
Great for preschoolers who are developing counting skills.
Another Counting Game
Here is a fun counting game for preschoolers.  Developed by Learning Planet.
Alphabet Recognition & Beginner Phonics
This fun and innovative alphabet presentation teaches preschoolers upper and lowercase letter recognition and alphabet sounds.  Each letter is has it's own presentation and games.  Developed by Starfall.
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Skill Builder
Preschool Curriculum

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The Skill Builder preschool curriculum  will supply you with the tools to keep your preschoolers busy learning while having fun,

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