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Preschool Corner - Preschool Butterfly Crafts
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Preschool Bug
Flying Butterfly Craft   (Skill Builder Craft Project)
Materials Needed:
Butterfly Wings Template
Construction Paper
Craft Stick
Preschool Scissors
What To Do:

1.  Have the children color then cut out the butterfly wings below
    (small kids will need a grown-ups help).
2.  Fold the wings together along the middle dotted line.
3.  Fold each of the wings down along the dotted line on each wing.
4.  Tape the wings together in the middle.
5.  Tape a craft stick to the bottom of the butterfly.
6.  Hold the bottom of the craft stick and move the butterfly up and down to make the                        butterfly fly.
Preschool Butterfly Lesson Plan

In this lesson plan you will find 20 fun bug and insect theme based lessons, 20 preschool bug and insect art and craft ideas (printable activity sheets and templates included). Also included is a collection of bug and insect coloring sheets, games, science activities, finger plays, printable theme books, printable song/poem posters, recommended reading list and more.
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