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Skill Builder
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Skill Builder
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About The Curriculum
Skill Builder
Preschool Curriculum Information
Curriculum Benefits

Begin At Any Time 
The Skill Builder curriculum Unit format gives customers the freedom to begin the program at any time of the year.

Easy to Use Format
With the Skill Builder curriculum the research is done for you.  The unit and theme guides organize the curriculum worksheets and activities, making the curriculum easy to use and clutter free.

No Obligation
There is no obligation to purchase the curriculum each month. 
Order when your child or child care group is ready to move to the next unit. 

Multiple Purchasing Options
The Skill Builder curriculum offers multiple levels and purchasing options.  Downloads, CDs and packages with materials are a few of the options available.

Automatic monthly shipment options are available.  With this option you are still free to change the size of your shipment from month to month.  CD subscriptions are also available.

Discounts are available throughout the year and for large preschool groups and regular buyers.

Quality Curriculum Material
The curriculum activities are professionally designed to be appealing to kids while teaching and preparing them for school.
The Skill Builder Curriculum is a structured 12 month preschool program
designed for daycare centers, home child care providers and parents teaching preschool at home. The SB curriculum provides complete teaching units and
ready to use activities.  Each SB unit supplies materials that teach and develop academic skills and promote creative development in preschoolers.

The SB curriculum activities are designed to capture the attention of kids 3 to
5 years old.  There are now 3 curriculum levels in the Skill Builder curriculum including: Toddler, Preschool & Preschool Advanced.  All 3 levels follow the same curriculum theme schedule to allow children of different ages to work together in a group setting.

The SB curriculum makes daily activity planning fast, easy and stress free by providing daily activity worksheets, theme guides and ready to use craft activities.

Multiple purchasing options are available from downloads to pre-printed packages with materials.  The Skill Builder purchasing options make the curriculum affordable for any size budget.

Curriculum Contents

Professionally Designed Learning Material
Each Skill Builder unit contains Over 50 professionally designed printable or pre-printed activities including: worksheets, coloring pages, vocabulary builders, flashcards, science activity sheets, theme booklets, weather/calendar printable's
and more.  (see complete content list here)

Exciting Curriculum Theme Activities
There are 12 fun themes in the Skill Builder curriculum:  Fun On The Farm, Zoo Animal Safari, Healthy Foods, Me & My Family, Weather & Seasons, Outer Space Exploration, Deep Sea Adventure, Prehistoric Times, Bugs, Bees & Butterflies, Community Helpers, Rainforest Fun & Things That Go.

Each theme unit supplies daily easy prep art & craft activities.  You will also receive a variety of fun preschool science activities, games, songs/poems, fingerplays, reading list, posters and more.

Curriculum Materials & Supplies
The Skill Builder curriculum offers packages with materials.  These materials include: Paint brushes, crayons, construction paper, glitter glue, craft foam, chenille stems, stickers, scissors, glue, wiggly eyes, yarn, craft sticks and much more.

Child Care Menus & Recipes: 
The Skill Builder curriculum now includes creative theme based menus and easy prep recipes.