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Theme Lesson Guide
Each Skill Builder theme contains 20 days of interesting
theme based lessons. 

Each daily lesson is designed to engage the attention of kids
3 to 5 years old.  Preschoolers and toddlers enjoy the hands
on activities, fun theme songs/rhymes and finger-plays. 

The lesson guide also contains vocabulary strips and recommended reading list. Select props and materials
(puppets, samples ect.) are provided in packages with materials.
Curriculum Supplements
Each curriculum theme supplement includes:

Color Posters & Visual Theme Aids


Song/poem Sheets

Color & Learn Coloring Sheets

Theme Based Booklets

Theme Lunch Menu with Easy Prep Recipe Cards.

Skill Builder Craft Supplies & Materials
The materials provided in the Optional Skill Builder Craft Material Packs consist of common art and craft materials which can be found in any craft supply store.  These materials are needed in order to complete select Skill Builder craft projects.  Purchasing these packs with your Skill Builder curriculum will save you some time.  Materials in these packs include
but are not limited to:

Construction Paper
Craft Sticks
Wiggly Eyes
Glitter Glue
Craft Felt Sheets
Glue Dots
Craft Trays

Note:  Washable paint and glue are not included due to excessive shipping costs.

Basic Skills Worksheets
The basic skills worksheets help to ensures that your preschoolers will learn necessary preschool skills and concepts before entering school. 

The curriculum includes:  Over 40 professionally designed worksheets covering 3 letter selections, 3 number selections, 1 color, 1 shape and 1 additional preschool skill or concept for the preschool advanced level (see the curriculum schedule here)
There are 3 curriculum levels available in this curriculum.

Jumbo flashcards/posters, progress report forms and parent newsletters are also included in each unit. 

*Reward stickers are included in packages with materials provided.
Chenille Stems
Craft Bags
Paper Plates
Tissue Paper
Craft Foam Sheets
& Much More...
Curriculum Art/Crafts & Activities
The Curriculum Art/Crafts & Activities Include:

Creative toddler/preschool art/craft activities with templates and ready to use activity sheets for every school day of the month. 

Art & Craft Materials & Supplies

Weekly Preschool Science Projects

A Variety of Fun Preschool Theme Games

Educational File Folder Games

3 Different Levels of Preschool Worsheets
Skill Builder Curriculum
Content Sample Page
Monthly Seasonal/Calender Curriculum Supplement
The Creative Times Curriculum Supplement Includes:

Holiday/Seasonal Activity Sheets

Seaonal File Folder Games

Holiday Craft Ideas

Vocabulary Builders

Calender Station Printables & More!